The Mr Wet Wall shower panels are ideal when used with baths & shower bases. Our solid surface panel system keeps water in and gives pathogens no place to grow. Whether you need to make the whole room water-protected or are installing traditional shower or stall units, using our panels and optional components are the perfect choice.

Wet Area Paneling

Revitalise your bathroom or shower with our quick and easy paneling system.

Here’s your chance to do something different. Not only do we think that wet wall paneling is a perfect solution for any bathroom or shower room, it’s three times faster to install than tiling.

Our wet wall shower panels do not stain or discolour from normal residential use and are highly resistant to soap and mould build-up, which makes them easy to clean.

These panels will transform your bathroom into a modern space and will soon become the focal point in that room.

Mr Wet Wall Bathroom Splashbacks

Panel Size: 2400x1000x10mm
Panels can be cut down to any size to suit any room.


Our trims come in 2400mm and are available in white, black and chrome. We recommend that our sealants and adhesives are used for all installations to validate our 10 year warranty.

All trims are available in White, Black & Chrome.


Mr Wet Wall splashbacks are guaranteed to be watertight and waterproof for up to ten years as long as they have been installed correctly.

Panels are guaranteed not to fade for up to ten years.

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