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The last thing you want in your bathroom is water getting into places it shouldn't be. You can prevent this from happening by silicone sealing the joins around the basins, bathtubs and shower trays.


Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how to do it. 

1) Clean the area 

Use a knife or other sharp implement to remove any old silicone. Oil and grease can be removed using a grease remover. 


2) Prepare the silicone gun

Cut a small hole at a 45 degree angle on the tip of the nozzle. Break the silicone seal and load the tube of silicone into the gun.


3) Test the flow 

Using a silicone gun can be tricky so it is best to have a trial run. You want the silicone to flow out of the nozzle rather than squirting or dripping. Use the inside edges of an old cardboard box to practice - this will give you a feel for the gun and the rate at which the silicone flows. Keeping the tip of the nozzle slightly above the surface begin to press the trigger. As the silicone starts to flow move the gun along the edge in one motion. Press and release the trigger to keep the flow steady and do not stop until you reach the corner. 


4) Start sealing


You are now ready to do it for real! Holding the gun at a 45 degree angle apply the silicone with a steady hand. Try not to apply too much as it can be hard to remove any excess. When you reach the end of the area release the trigger and pull the gun away quickly to avoid creating strings. 


5) Finish the seal

The final step is called tooling and it involves you moving your finger (or smoothing tool) around the line of silicone to ensure there is a seamless, clean bond. Start at one end of the silicone and go half way along, then start again at the other end so you meet in the middle, making sure not to leave a bump where you lift up your finger. Top tip: Clean your hands before you begin this step and do NOT use spit as lubrication as this introduces bacteria into the silicone. Instead dip your finger in clean water with a couple of drops of detergent in it.

If you need to seal around your bath specifically, then we have also written a useful guide on how to do that here: 

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