Ah, the humble glass splashback. For a long time, it’s been simply practical, protecting kitchen walls from splashes. But it’s humble no longer. The glass splashback has shed its modest appearance to become an important part of kitchen interior design, combining functionality and a great look.

You now have so many choices when it comes to glass splashbacks. Instead of becoming overwhelmed and making the wrong decision or no decision at all, narrow down your options systematically with these tips.

Add Some Colour With a Splashback.

Consider Cost

You want an attractive, serviceable splashback, but for most people, the sky’s not the limit. Start by considering splashback materials that are within your budget and you’ll save time. You also won’t experience the sharp disappointment of staring longingly and unproductively at tiles that are out of reach financially. But, if you have a small area to cover, maybe you can go with a higher-end product.

Even if your funds are limited, you still have choices. Glass and stainless steel stretch the purse strings more. Also, consider installation method. Are you a DIYer? Naturally, that’s the least expensive option, but placing tile can be tedious and difficult, then the grout stains and goes mouldy after a while, that’s where Mr Wet Wall Splashbacks come in, the cost effective, DIY friendly, hygienic and easy clean splashback.

Select A Style

Once you’ve narrowed down options by price, it’s time to decide what part your splashback will play in your kitchen design. What’s the focal point of the room? Do you have knockout cabinets or an impressive countertop? If so, your splashback should be complementary without detracting from the showpiece. Choose a neutral style that protects walls well from both water and grease.

One the other hand, some people like a splashback that makes a strong statement. Choose from a variety of patterns, textures and shapes. Small pebbles are a variation of natural stone that have an impressive yet rustic three-dimensional appearance. Glass splashbacks are colourful and reflective, brightening a kitchen and making it look larger.

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