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Product Details

Showing off an LED designer mirror coupled with a sleek finish, the Clyde M3 LED Bathroom Mirror seamlessly fuses modern design with functionality. The white LED lighting forms a border all around the mirrors edges, which ensures balanced illumination. The Clyde M3 Mirror measures 711w x 1016h and may be mounted horizontally or vertically. 

With its modern features and sleek design, the Clyde M3 Mirror turns an ordinary-looking bathroom into a modern one. 

• 5mm copper free silver mirror with anti-corrosion protection
• High output LED light, 6500K
• SAA Certified components
• Tested and approved for bathroom use, rated for zones 2 & 3
• Meet IP44 waterproof standard
• With mounting accessories attached



Mirror Care and Maintenance

For best results clean mirrors with methylated spirits and water at a rate of 1 part methylated spirits and 3 parts water. Do not use chemical cleaning products.

Avoid getting water on the sides or back of the mirror as damage to silver backing can occur.

In coastal areas it is recommended to wipe around the edge of the mirror once a month to avoid salt build up that can cause silver creep.

Do not place on a hard surface after opening as the mirror will chip.

Clyde M3

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