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Our ceiling panels are an interlocking wall and ceiling system that is made from precision exterior grade, extruded vinyl. The panels provide efficient, economical yet stylish finishes for walls and ceilings. The panels are water-resistant and the finished product provides a guaranteed waterproof seal. They are available in two surface finishes: Smooth and V-Groove.

Mr Wet Wall: Enjoy the Strength

The water resistant quality makes our product a durable interlocking PVC cladding for walls and ceilings, particularly in damp areas. Our Wet Wall panels are ideal for ceilings as there is no need for maintenance years down the line.

With a strong resistance to colour change and fading, our Wet Wall will neither delaminate, rot nor absorb water.

Mr Wet Wall: Discover the Beauty

Our high-quality Interlocking wall and ceiling panels are easy to install plus virtually maintenance-free.

  • Tongue & Groove System for a Quick  & Easy Install.    

  • 10 Year Warranty.  

  • Low Maintenance - Unlike Timber Will Never Fade

  • Economical - No Painting Required

  • 100% Exterior Grade, Virgin PVC Formula

  • Extensive range of designs: Shimmer, Timber & Stone Effects

  • Mould & Mildew Resistant


With a wall thickness of 1mm and overall panel thickness of 5mm it is the most durable panel on the market.

Why A Wall Thickness Of 10mm?

In our industry, unlike timber, thicker is not always better. The interior walls (connects the front and back wall of the panel) and the space between the front and back wall, are the weaker parts of the overall design. If you increase this space (the thicker your panel; the more you stretch the interior wall) you have now effectively decreased the overall impact strength of your panel. Therefore a 10mm panel is much stronger and longer lasting than a 12mm panel.