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November 29, 2018


Are you looking to create a luxurious living space with a 'WOW' factor?

Well look no further!

Cosentino is the worlds' leading manufacturer of quartz and natural stone surfaces with products that are state of the art design with cutting edge functionality. 


With various ranges, styles, colours and textures, the company represents the fusion of tradition and contemporary styles to create an infinite range of possibilities for your bath and kitchen areas, bringing your home a unique look. 




Silestone is made of natural quartz, created to provide colour and texture for bath and kitchen areas. It allows the creation of a complete bathroom in one singe material, giving the space better harmony and aesthetic lines. 



  • Scratch resistant - quartz is one of the hardest minerals known to man which makes the silestone range extremely durable and resistant to external damage.  

  • Stain resistant - N-Boost: hydro repellent properties prevent the absorption of everyday kitchen liquids, making for easy cleaning and stain removal. 

  • Impact Resistant - allows hard objects to be handled with ease: pots & trays etc. 

  • 25 year warranty



Green-guard: recognizes low air emissions from chemical compounds

NSF: recognizes product safety for health in terms of hygiene 

LGA: certifies efficiency in the use of water systems and control of risks to the environment 



Choose black for your kitchen: if you like contemporary designs and your kitchen is especially light, choose black to create a modern, sophisticated look. You can also create interesting contrasts with white. 


For more info visit: https://www.silestoneoceania.com/




Your home should be a place you can enjoy with no restrictions, so Cosentino created a clean surface that is nice to touch and represents beauty and solidity with easy, fuss-free cleaning. 

Dekton is an ultra compact surface developed from a sophisticated mixture of more than 20 minerals extracted from nature. 

Dekton emulates in a few hours what takes nature thousands of years, through an exclusive technological process. 



  • Highly UV resistant 

  • Scratch resistant 

  • Stain resistant 

  • Maximum resistance to fire and heat 

  • Resistant to abrasion 

  • Low water absorption due to zero  porosity 

  • Eye catching colours and unique textures 

  • Easy maintenance 

  • Maximum durability 

  • 15 year warranty





  • Kitchen 

  • Bathroom 

  • Outdoor


  • Indoor 

  • Bathroom 

  • Exterior walls 


  • Indoor floor

  • Bathroom floor 

  • Pool coverings 

  • Stairs

  • Outdoor terrace floor covering 



Green-guard: recognizes low air emissions from chemical compounds

NSF: recognizes product safety for health in terms of hygiene

ETF: assessed by the IT&C as a product for ventilated facades. 


For more info visit: https://www.dekton.com.au/




Sensa is Cosentino's elegant range of granite surfaces. They traveled to Brazil and India to find the most beautiful stone created by nature.

With every slab of granite being different from the rest, Sensa is the most unique material to display within your home with a guaranteed 'wow' factor. 



  • Scratch resistant

  • Stain resistant 

  • No special maintenance required 

  • Certified and approved for direct contact with food 

  • Unique designs created by nature 

  • High performance and quality with a guarantee from Cosentino 

  • 15 year warranty


For more info visit: https://www.sensabycosentino.com/


Cosentino are the people to deliver luxurious and unique spaces to your home that offer outstanding performances over time. 




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