Stunning Bathroom Wall Panels in Australia

Australia..Sick & Tired Of Mouldy Leaking Showers?

We Have The Ultimate Easy DIY Solution

Our Wet Wall panels are the best alternative to tiles in Australia & are currently being delivered direct to you with

Fast & Free Options Available


Shower wall panels are becoming the next big thing in bathroom design, removing grout from wet areas means the benefits from Wet Wall panels as an alternative to tiles are immense


2400 x 1000 x 10mm From Only $149


Grout FREE

100% Mould Resistant

100% Waterproof

Super Quick Install

Fire Retardant

Easy to Clean

Even installs OVER existing tiles, saving the demolition time & Mess. Making Wet Wall panels a great investment.

Specialists in Grout Free Alternatives to Tiles

What we deliver;


  • Bathroom Wall Panels Australia

  • Shower Wall Panels Australia

  • Laundry Splashbacks Australia

  • Commercial Hygienic Areas: Schools, Care Homes & Food Outlets Australia

  • Shower Enclosure Splashbacks Australia

  • Vanity Splashbacks Australia

  • Luxury Vinyl Plank Australia

  • Vinyl Flooring Australia

  • Acrylic Wall Panels

  • Commercial Shower Partitions For Ablutions

Mr Wet Walls bathroom wall panel are the perfect solution for a shower enclosure, staying clean & bright! Mr Wet Wall Panels are available in large sizes, making it easy to create large seamless surfaces, eliminating mould issues and cleaning headaches associated with a tiled, grouted surfaces.

This DIY splashback material weighs around 11 kg per panel making handling larger panels simple compared to a using glass, stone or timber in your shower enclosure.

Mr Wet Walls shower wall panels are an easy to intall DIY product & can be installed directly on top of an existing tiled walls for an express bathroom upgrade minus the expensive labour costs and excessive time associated.


This is good for a number of reasons.

Firstly it makes the shower panels quick and easy to fit, secondly, it gives the modern seamless finish and thirdly it means no more mouldy walls.

Great Savings on Your Wall Panels

On average our wall panels will be 30% cheaper than installing tiles. Our panels do not require a specialist tradesman, saving you time and money.

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