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Kitchen, Bath & Shower Areas We Cover

Well Well Well VIC..Aren’t you a lucky shower..

1 For living in VIC & 2 because Mr Wet Wall Panels are currently being installed in your area

Here is where we deliver: Mr Wet Wall Is In Your Area Yes that’s right we deliver everywhere.

Our Bathroom Warehouse is positioned in the heart of VIC; our location allows us to market our services throughout the country of Australia.
Starting at our bathroom warehouse VIC, through to New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and to Western Australia, we have experienced sales consultants and delivery agents specialising in each of these states.

Shower, Bath & Kitchen Splashback Wet Walls


What we deliver;



Mr Wet Wall splashbacks VIC are the perfect solution for a shower enclosure, staying clean & bright! Mr Wet Wall Panels VIC are available in large sizes, making it easy to create large seamless surfaces, eliminating mould issues and cleaning headaches associated with a tiled, grouted surfaces.


This DIY splashback material weighs around 6 kg per square metre making handling larger panels simple compared to a using glass in your shower enclosure.


Mr Wet Wall DIY Shower, bath & kitchen splashbacks can be installed directly on top of an existing tiled walls for an express bathroom upgrade minus the expensive labour costs and excessive time associated.


No need for grout in our Shower


This is good for a number of reasons.

Firstly it makes the shower panels quick and easy to fit, secondly, it gives the modern seamless finish and thirdly it means no more mouldy walls.







Great Savings on Your Wall Panels


On average our wall panels will be 30% cheaper than installing tiles. Our panels do not require a specialist tradesman, saving you time and money.

Bathroom Tiles VIC, Kitchen Tiles VIC