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Wet Wall Shower Panelling

Shower Panels

The Mr Wet Wall panel system is ideal when used with our shower bases. Our solid surface panel system keeps water in and gives pathogens no place to grow. Whether you need to make the whole room water-protected or are installing traditional shower or stall units, using our panels and optional components are the perfect choice.

Wet Wall Panels

Mr Wet Wall seamless Wet Wall panels can be easily right sized to your project’s specific needs. The exclusive features of our wet wall system are seamless wall panels that reach corner to corner without battens or joints. Choosing tile or another solid surface product makes little-to-no sense. These single piece wall panels install quickly and easily while saving maintenance dollars for years to come.




Mr Wet Wall’s standard wet wall panels are available in various sizes, thickness’s and designs. Many shower and bathtub walls are either boring to look at or have mould, mildew or cracked or discoloured grout joints which are ugly and are a pain to clean. What’s really cool is there is a new Mr Wet Wall panel system which looks great, is easy to maintain and light on the budget. The benefits of this system are outlined below:


Look of marble, granite, stone at 1/2 the cost –If you thought you can’t afford high end bath walls think again.





No maintenance & joints to worry about – These seamless panels have no grout to maintain and do not need to be sealed – a unique scratch resistant PVC composite backed system will look great for years to come.


Our waterproof material will not collect bacteria, mould or mildew to keep your family safe – Shower & tub areas can be downright nasty to clean and can be breeding grounds for unhealthy bacteria. Get rid of this problem with the Mr Wet Wall system.


A broad selection of colours & patterns that will compliment any bathroom or kitchen design – Choose from popular marble and stone design through to specific bold or neutral colours.

Multiple uses – This material can be used for kitchen, bathtub and shower wall panels, bench seats, tub to shower conversion projects, bathroom walls and even commercial backsplashes.